Monday, November 21, 2016

Gratitude leads to kindness

One of my favorite family traditions is very simple, low cost, and (according to the quote) can lead to kindness.

Each year, we go outside and find a stick that looks like a mini tree.  We bring it inside and get out the envelope that contains leaves from past years.  On the front, each leaf has something that someone was thankful for.  On the back is the name and then person's name.  Not only does it encourage us to bring to mind specific things we're thankful for each year, but it also leads to so much fun as we remember the happy memories of our family and friends (who are encouraged to add leaves when they visit).

Taking time to be grateful for all that we have is a great way to inspire us to do acts of kindness for others.  My hope is that this fun tradition builds habits of gratitude in our family which result in more kindness in the communities in which we live.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Volunteering with Operation Pets Alive

Megan and I have been enjoying some girl time this week as Jeff and Tyler have been on their hunting trip with Jeff's dad, uncle, and cousin. This evening, after Megan got home from school we headed over to Petsmart where Operation Pets Alive was hosting an adoption event. This was Megan's favorite activity so far. We got to pet, walk, and hold (and simply give love to) the dogs. The head volunteers were very caring and obviously very committed to what they do (fostering and advocating for adoption). We look forward to supporting this organization again in the future.